Meteor Open Source GitBooks
GitBooks can make it 10x easier/faster for the community to create, share, and maintain docs that help everyone.
As a contributor to the Meteor open source community, I see that we need easier and faster ways to create community driven documentation, tutorials, guides, and full books to highlight the many many things that Meteor can be used for today. There is lots of really great documentation for Meteor in the official docs and guides.
There is also hundreds to thousands of other resources about Meteor available online in all formats including, blogs, forums, chats, print books, digital books, and many other sources.
Perhaps the largest challenge has been to find a way for thousands of developers to contribute to what they are passionate about and to keep those resources up to date as everything changes so fast.
So the vision is to give everyone the ability to easily create content they are passionate about while helping others. Also it's important to make it easier to co-create with other devs, and to useful information in a format (markdown) that can eventually be added to official Meteor Docs & Guides if the content is the right fit.
The Meteor Community is just picking up momentum again and the best way to improve Meteor today is to clearly share what is possible with this amazing JS framework.
Best content from GitBooks gets migrated to Official Doc & Guides
So, go make something wonderful! If you had to learn the hard way, make it easier for others to learn the easy way. You can share any writing, code, pictures, embedded videos and just about anything you can imagine in these digital GitBooks.
Sync them with your personal GitHub account when you get started.
Because all of these books have to be open source to be hosted here, I encourage you to open up a channel for others to give you thanks for your work by using things like GitHub's sponsorship or similar.
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